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Tuesday, 18 Sep 2018

Our history

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Conceria gaiera giovanniFounded in 1946 by Giovanni Gaiera in the city of Robecchetto con Induno in the Province of Milan, the company first deals with the production of linings from sheepskin, calfskin, and kidskin. Highly skilled workers soon joined the team which led to production steadily and gradually improving. Mr Gaiera’s daughters eventually enter the family business and help in the production management and administration alongside their respective husbands. The company begins to grow and prosper.
Under Lorenzo Mosconi’s leadership the company increases its presence across all  major markets and emphasis is given to quality and quantity development. With the help of Domenico Miramonti, high quality leather is made available for the production of shoes and other leather goods.

In the early 1970s, following Lorenzo Mosconi’s belief that environmental focus should be a priority in industrial activities, the Gaiera Giovanni Tannery played an active role in the development and creation of a local water purification plant. Over the years, this belief resulted not only in full compliance with laws and regulations, but also at constant innovation in terms of production (new products and equipment) to reduce environmental impact and research on pollution prevention.

Standing firm on their principles, the company received and continuously maintained ever since the Certificate of Environmental Management  Uni En Iso 14001.

In the early 1980s, productivity growth and the need to expand are met  by adding a new location in the same town of Robecchetto con Induno, in the Turbighese area of the Malvaglio neighbourhood, one of the four tannery districts in Italy.

In 1985, while remaining a family-run business, the company converts from a partnership to a corporation.

In the 1990s, technical collaborations with Chinese and European suppliers take place to ensure a supply of high quality raw materials.

In the early 2000s, Raffaele Mosconi, Enrica and Giovanni Miramonti, third-generation family members, join the company. A new production facility is established, replacing the existing ones, and capable of meeting larger needs, increasing its production capacity and improving performance and quality at every level, thanks to the introduction of new machinery and innovative tannery technology.

For over 60 years, the continuous improvement of the quality of the finished product,  constant attention to detail in the production process to fully satisfy customer demands, and improvement of efficiency in all aspects of our business have always been and will remain our first priority. Having taken into consideration the evolution of our industry over time, both nationally and internationally, it is our belief that these priorities are strategic for the continual growth and stability of our company.

Close participation and collaboration between all those involved in the production process, both external and internal workers, has been proven to be essential in achieving our goals:
-employee involvement and empowerment to ensure quality supervision is being met at all stages of production and to improve the manufacturing process
-involvement and empowerment of our specialised technicians in developing new production techniques and high quality products with lower environmental impact and lower costs
-good communication and cooperation with our sellers to gather up-to-date feedback on our products, obtain information and understand customers demands, and strategic research and analysis
-working in close collaboration with expert fashion designers in product/range development (setting up seasonal color palettes) for the Gaiera Giovanni Tannery.

A well structured internal network, a continuous and constant monitoring of all the production stages with special attention to the material selection process, ensure that we offer our customers personalized service and superior product reliability.

Share capital: EUR 3,800,000
Today, the company employs 90 workers, and 3500 m2 of leather is produced per day.